Hardware Guide


BrewMonday works with different hardware types to send data to our cloud software. Currently, we break our hardware down into three categories: Devices, Sensors, and Beacons. Here's a summary:


Brew i/o A 7-channel industrial-grade device that works with 4-20mA sensors. 1 device accepts up to 7 sensors and requires a WiFi or LTE gateway device to communicate with our cloud software.
Gateway Connecting any device with BrewMonday, whether it's a Tilt, Brew i/o, or other Bluetooth device, requires a gateway to communicate with our cloud software. The gateway receives readings from the Bluetooth device and sends them either through your WiFi network, or if you have an LTE gateway with a valid mobile SIM card, through your mobile carrier's network and to the BrewMonday cloud software.


These are specifically 4-20mA sensors that connect to the Brew i/o device and are intended for commercial or industrial use. There are many types of 4-20mA sensors that measure a variety of process such as temperature, vibration, pH, pressure, amperage, and much more.


Beacons are Bluetooth devices that use the iBeacon spec. A Raspberry Pi running our gateway software is required to work with Bluetooth beacons. Currently, we have native integration with Tilt Hydrometer devices with support for more devices in the future.

How it all works

Below are two examples of how some typical simplified setups work.